Intradoc247 is installed in hundreds of practices across the UK

Below are a small list of the positive comments that we receive on a daily basis. We hope that you find them useful and if you would like to talk about the great features in Intradoc247, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


"We have found Intradoc247 a very useful system. It is user friendly and it's easy to upload and find documents. The diary on the system is super at reminding us all at the surgery of meetings, over due training or even out of date drugs. It is great not to have to use so much paper for example the members of staff can request annual leave via the calendar this is then authorised by their Holiday/Line Manager on Intradoc247, this enables Managers to see at a glance who has booked leave and when. The different admin. rights give staff reassurance that they are not going to delete anything by mistake and finally, the IT Team at Intradoc247 are always happy to help and very prompt in replying to enquiries."

-- Kate Martin, Gloucester Road Surgery

"The CQC assessors came to the practice on 8th Feb. We were able to show them, very quickly and easily with the aid of IntraDoc, how our policies and guidelines were stored and made accessible to all staff, and how review dates were recorded, and documentation distribution was logged. They were impressed at how easily, and accurately the information could be made available and linked directly to QoF and CQC. Also our staff training logs are able to be up-to-date and mandatory training needs identified."

-- Feedback from the CQC visit on 8th February 2013 at Westcroft Health Centre

"We have been using Intradoc247 for 6 months and I am not sure how we managed without it! Intradoc247 effortlessly aids data collection and storage to help manage the demands of general practice. From our initial enquiry onwards we have found the PinBellCom team professional, supportive and willing to listen and act on feedback. We are currently using Intradoc247 to manage data for QOF and IGSoC and look forward to using the compliance module for CQC when the time comes. The list of applications is almost endless and Intradoc247 could be applied usefully in linking practices in commissioning localities."

-- Practice Manager, Cornwall

"It is a fantastic tool for simply sorting the requirements of CQC out. Like every one else I already have most of what will be needed in one form or another. The CQC tool will, at its simplest, mean that I can find it when I need it.

The global address book and searchable documents store make everyone’s life a lot easier as does the global calendar. To get everyone used to using it is by far the best way of demonstrating the benefits.

It is very early days implementing Intradoc247 across the Locality, although plans are well advanced, but my hope is that the benefits will be on a similar scale to the above.

The team at PinBellCom are professional, responsive and they all have a sense of humour."

-- Practice Manager, Bristol.

"Intradoc247 will save lots of time and link documents for us. It is much easier to use than our old Intranet especially very speedy when trying to locate documents.

The team at PinBellCom are very supportive."

-- Practice Manager, Bristol

"I am not an active user of Comms technology but I do recognise the need to get organised and the value of good internal information flow. Intradoc 247 has introduced the discipline that I need personally and is an easily accessed database for the whole practice. Pin-Bells approach to data management is elegant and straightforward to use. Put simply, it is a great management tool. Link this with the first rate support provided and I can say that it has really made a difference."

-- Paul Mugford, Practice Manager, Bristol; Practice and CCG Edition User